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Quantum Computing has a huge barrier for entry, high costs and significant technical knowledge make it almost impossible to learn about. These issues limit innovation and frustrates a community of existing people working in the field.

There are multiple Open Source tools available to scientists working in Quantum Computing. However, they all suffer from the same issues - limited or no support, high technical barriers to entry, no coherent or cohesive development.

This leads to very inefficient workflows, scalability issues, tech debt and time wasted.

The biggest challenge is that open source projects do not have a high level of productization or support. OpenQuantum is helping to accelerate the development and science as a whole by investing in the Community, Manufacturing of Hardware & Support Packages, Education & R&D.

Our aim is to help those working in the field already, make quantum computing more accessible to those with great ideas through open source solutions and pro-actively engage with a community to solve problems.

Overall, we hope to accelerate research and applications of this important technology.

We believe in a future where more people can learn, build & innovate with less challenges to get started and more time advancing quantum computing.

Let’s do this, together.

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Our Founders

Robin Sterling

co-founder & CEO

As a Scientist, Engineer & Product Manager in the field of Quantum Computing, I believe that the future of this technology is bright. The path to fault-tolerance and commercial applications is a long one. It is made longer because few people having the combined knowledge to build the innovations that will advance us.

Open source hardware and software will open a world of possibilities by enabling greater cross discipline collaboration. OpenQuantum is at the cutting edge of this journey, and we can’t wait to see what the community does with our solutions!

Simon Muskett

co-founder & COO

As a leader in the Tech industry, I have worked through many exciting revolutions; Contactless payments, 5G Networking, enterprise cloud adoption and Remote working for all. In my consulting business, I have been an adviser and non-exec director of a range of companies. I also serve on the board of OpenUK, the UKs organisation for the business of Open Source technology & Chair the Open Source Quantum Advisory Group for the UK.

We are about to see the most exciting shift in technology yet. Quantum computing has the ability to surpass all the limitations we currently have and I can’t wait to see what innovations the community can build with OpenQuantum

What does it take to build a truly open solution?

While open source quantum computing holds immense promise, it also faces challenges. Quantum hardware is still in its infancy, and building scalable and fault-tolerant quantum processors remains a significant hurdle. Additionally, there is a need for standards and interoperability in quantum computing software to ensure seamless integration across different platforms.

Collaborative innovation


& Training

Easy access to technology

Open source quantum computing platforms encourage collaboration among scientists, researchers, and developers worldwide. By providing open access to quantum computing resources, these initiatives foster a sense of community and collective problem-solving. This collaborative approach accelerates the development of quantum algorithms, applications, and hardware.


Quantum computing is a complex field, and access to quantum hardware is limited. Open source initiatives offer education materials, tutorials, and sandbox environments for users to learn and experiment with quantum concepts. This lowers the barriers to entry for students and researchers interested in quantum computing, helping to build a skilled workforce.


There are a number of solutions available that are open source (including both hardware & software), although unfortunately, they are challenging to work set-up and work with for those who are not experts. Creating plug and play solutions, allows acceleration of our field and computing technology overall


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The Community

There is a huge limitation for existing projects and those starting new ones is a lack of good documentation, user forums, examples & tutorials.

As members of this community, we want to change that for everyone’s benefit!

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Manufacturing &

Support Packages

Our vision is that users can easily use plug & play solution that is supported & warrantied, running on Open Source Architecture.

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We research, invest in & develop open source solutions for the advancement of Quantum Computing Generally.

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We run a variety of training and education events, to support a greater understanding of Open Source Quantum Computing Architecture.

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How to get involved in the revolution

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